ADMEcell develops, manufactures and distributes Ready-to-Use products for in-vitro therapeutic modeling and re-profiling. ADMECell provides products whose technology is relevant in the evolving and complex environment of ADME/Toxicology.

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SOLVO is a codeveloper of PreadyPort™ kits. SOLVO develops transporter assays, based on the latest results in transporter science, the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the guidelines for drug drug interaction studies by the FDA and EMA.


Sistemas Genómicos is a company focused on research at the level of DNA and RNA code. Sistemas Genómicos is a partner in different international R&D projects, and offers custom DNA and RNA molecular biology based services.


Kirklees Biosciences is an independent biotechnology company providing high quality bio-products and services whilst also developing a unique R&D portfolio. Kirklees Biosciences supply innovative, high quality bio-products, reagents and cell based ready to use kits for use in progressing drug discovery & development programmes. Kirklees research initiatives utilise key commercial partnerships and academic collaborations to facilitate the development and discovery of novel therapies.


ZeClinics is a Start-up CRO with extensive experience in zebrafish research and permanent collaboration with academics, imaging processing experts and other biotech companies. Ze Clinics perform and improve high-throughput assays to test the safety of chemical compounds with pharmaceutical, cosmetic or nutritional potential.


IMEX Asia acts as commecial representative and distributor of ReadyCell in Asia, providing long track expertise and deep knowledge of the market and logistics in this area.


Biogenuix provides marketing, distribution and CRO solutions to global biotech and healthcare companies having an interest in the growing Indian market. Biogenuix offers a unique mix of techno-marketing skills which are imperative to service the demanding customer in today’s truly competitive and dynamic Indian market.


Link China Pharma Solutions brings in-depth industry experience and global market knowledge to support UK/Europe small, medium and large biopharmaceutical and life science companies to build the collaboration with Chinese partners. 


Cell Systems Biology is a provider of quality life science research reagents for medical and biological research applications. Cell Systems Biology bring to medical scientists the available technologies to develop their ideas and products.

Genomembrane is a Japanase biotech company that has the aim to provie transporter- related products and services for the development and design of novel drugs for clinical application. Genomembrane also provides research tools and collaborates for the pharmaceutical evaluation of drug candidates in order to lessen cost and help advance the success rate of candidate drug, and speed up new drug development.


LEITAT is a Technological Center clearly committed to adaptation to transform the technological challenges into economic and social value.


IDIBAPS an international recognized Biomedical Research Institute located in down-town Barcelona. Dr. Jordi Gracia and his scientific team from the Hepathology unit have provided extensive support and expertise in the development of HepatoReady .


ACCÍO is an agency for business competitiveness of Generalitat de Catalunya which boost the innovation in companies and give support to R&D projects in technological segment.


DTI is a transplantation and donation institute which has provided Readycell raw material to develop Hepatoready.


AS ONE As One is a general trading firm that produces original value with advanced products, IT networks and logistics for research, industry and medical fields.