ReadyCell Ready-to-Use kits help you in your drug discovery and development studies. The kits are stored and transported at room temperature, and are available on demand. ReadyCell Ready-to-Use cell based assay kits facilitate and streamline your drug discovery and development studies assays.

Permeability assays
Classical Caco-2 monolayer model other Caco-2 based custom approaches for preclinical permeability studies.



Drug-Drug interaction.

Single transporter overexpression to specifically dissect substrate or inhibitor intections.

Efflux Transporters

MDCK II Based EFFLUX Transporter Kits

Specific Clearance

Tandem transporter set up to study active net transport

PreadyPort MDR1 Predyctive-MRP2 kits

CYP450 based studies

Single CYP Isoform overexpressing cells or fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes in a Ready-to-use format.