Primary cells are widely used for in-vitro testing of drug metabolism, toxicity and efficacy.  Current existing preservation techniques compromise the functional integrity and in-vivo-like qualities. Better systems will provide more reliability in ADME testing before compounds are tested in expensive animal models.


  • An innovative gel-like cell preservation matrix.
  • Allows preservation of cells in a non-frozen state with minimal loss of viability and functional integrity.
  • Cells have an extended period of usability.
  • Rapidly recover cells from the matrix and use them as freshly isolated cells.
  • Revolutionary approach to cope with traditional cryopreserved cell transportation.
  • SM remains in optimal conditions at RT 15-25⁰C and starts to liquefy at 37⁰C.
  • SM keeps the cells in latency stage with a preservation effect on cells functionality.
  • SM preserves integrity and cell junctions for 5 days during storage and transportation.
  • All components of the system are non-toxic.

No dry ice or liquid nitrogen needed.

Shipping Medium
Shipping Medium


The patented shipping medium of ReadyCell allows delivery worldwide shipping at RT conditions. It’s a revolutionary approach provide a cell-based kit ready-to-use.

Main customer’s presence around the world:

  • USA and Canada
  • Europe: UK, Germany and France
  • Asia: India, Japan, Taiwan and China

Approximate delivery times:

  • USA and Canada: 48h
  • Europe: 24h
  • Asia: between 48-72h