About us

ReadyCell supports the pharmacological evaluation of drug candidates to minimize costs, facilitates lead optimization, and speeds up new drug development.

Unique Shipping

ReadyCell’s patented gelatinous cell culture medium allows the transportation of in vitro cells using environmental conditions and standard shipping procedures, reducing shipment costs and easing logistic processes.

Shipping Medium

The Shipping Medium consists of a semi-solid culture system specifically designed to preserve cells at room temperature (15-25ºC), maintaining a suitable physicochemical environment, keeping adequate moisture conditions for cellular homeostasis and forming a protective cushion that protects cell integrity and functionality during long-distance shipments and up to seven days!

  • Unique gel-like cell preservation matrix
  • No dry ice or liquid nitrogen needed
  • Preserves integrity and cell junctions for up to 7 days 
  • Easy liquefaction at 37⁰C
  • All components of the system are non-toxic compounds

#1 Receive

Ready-to-use Cell Barrier

#2 Liquefy

Liquefying of solid Shipping Medium

#3 Apply

Incubation with Test Compound

#4 Assay

Assessment of Permeability/Transport End Point

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