11 February 2021
Communications Department

ReadyCell collaborates in the BioPrintIA project as a specialized partner in the biotechnology sector.

BioPrintIA is a subsidised R&D project that develops a next-generation medical device based on artificial intelligence, 3D bioprinting and personalized cell-based bioimplants. The new treatment is indicated for osteoarticular pathologies derived from age-related injuries, affecting the quality of life significantly. BioPrintIA technology is based on biological implants, which restore the composition of cellular tissue, allowing to recover joint functionality.

In order to develop BioPrintIA, it has been formed a specialized consortium of technological and biomedical companies, IZERTISJUNCÀDAN*NATECBIOCELSOLUTEXREADYCELL and CARINSA, with the support of leading R&D institutions, such as LEITATIDONIAL and VHIR. The formed collaboration provides the most innovative solutions and scientific expertise to progress with the innovative therapy.

BioPrintIA project is subsidised by “El Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial” (CDTI) and supported by “Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación”.

Thanks to this innovative medical device, ReadyCell takes hold as a biotech company compromised to innovative healthcare solutions.

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ReadyCell is expanding boundaries

The cell-based in vitro kits are shipped to South America, ensuring the quality standards. The patented biotechnology Shipping Medium® and the specialized logistic procedure at room temperature, achieve the proper delivery despite the long distances. ReadyCell is constantly growing and reaching out to more and more countries around the world.