Caco-2 cells assays

Easying Your Screening

ReadyCell is a biotechnology company providing sophisticated in vitro tools and R&D services for the ADME-Tox segment. Thanks to a patented agent, ReadyCell can send living cells around the world at room temperature

Innovative Kits

Our tools are innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kits for efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing for drug discovery.

Unique Shipping

Thanks to our Shipping Medium, a gel-ligke preservation matrix, we send cells at room temperature around the globe.

Research & Development

We combine excellent science and personalized service to develop major transporters, toxicity-metabolism and 3D human cell-based models

Discover Our Products

CacoReady™ is an innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kit.

PreadyPort is a transport kit family of products based in MDCKII cells

CacoGoblet, is a mucus-secreting ready-to-use kit.

HepG2 cells transiently transduced with individual human CYP450 isoforms