CacoReady Batch #500 Released!

batch 500
Communications Department
1 September 2012

Congratulations to ReadyCell’s Production Team for achieving the release of the batch number 500 of CacoReady kits!

Last week orders will receive the batch 500, an astonishing achievement accomplished thanks to years of high quality manufacturing and service, result of our Production mates efforts.

Marta, Anna, Alberto and Sheila (from left to right) compose the Production department and are the responsible for the top quality ready-to-use kits commercialized from ReadyCell. This very experienced team is monitoring seven days a week the performance of our cell cultures and kit traits in order to assure the best possible results.

To achieve these high technical standards, they usually wouldn’t drink cava at work. In this particular case, we only allowed them to celebrate after properly checking that the current batch was already released.


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