A cell-based and ready-to-use concept for in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation

  • CacoReady is an innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kit. It consists of 24 and 96 insert-integrated permeable support seeded with differentiated and polarized Caco-2 barriers on polycarbonate microporous filters.
  • CacoReady allows in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation of drug targets. CacoReady is flexible since plates can be used up to 5 days after ideal cell barrier differentiation at day 21. CacoReady is a time and cost-saving tool for early stage drug discovery and development.

CacoReady is a product manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2015


  • Evaluation of oral absorption efficiency, oral bioavailability and oral toxicity
  • Study of mechanisms involved in oral and intestinal absorption
  • Suitable for research on new delivery systems
  • Studies of Drug Transporters and Drug-Drug Interaction


  • Available on demand
  • Ready-to-use without in-house cell line development or acquisition and cell propagation
  • Transportation and storage at room temperature in proprietary shipping medium
  • User friendly and easy-handling system
  • High reproducibility
  • Adaptable to automation

Product name – Reference

CacoReady 24 Transwell (Costar)  –  KRECE-CCR01
CacoReady 24 Transwell (Millipore)  –  KRECE-CCR03
CacoReady 24 Well (individual transwell)  –  KRECE-CCR04
CacoReady 96 Transwell (Costar)  –  KRECE-CCR50
CacoReady 96 Transwell (Millipore)  –  KRECE-CCR52
CacoReady 24 Well (without transwell)  –  KRECE-CCR02
CacoReady 96 Well (without transwell)  –  KRECE-CCR51

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