Developping innovative in-vitro kits for the ADME-Tox segment

What We Do

We develop, implement and commercialize cell-based ready-to-use kits that provide reliable results reducing time and costs. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies can use human and material resources more efficiently, while optimizing the development cycle for new drugs.

Our R&D department works on the expansion of our product portfolio, with the aim of developing new tools that fulfill the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. By offering a diversity of R&D service, we offer our expertise, know-how, technical & human resources to develop ad-hoc solutions.

Where We Come From

ReadyCell was established in 2011 as a joint venture, equally owned by Advancell and Leitat aimed to develop and commercialize cell-based reagents and offer R&D services in the field ADME-Tox. This corporate operation allowed to combine the vast know-how and expertise, along with technical and human resources of two entities in the biotechnology field, and take advantage of synergies, to create a highly competitive company aimed to:

  • Improve and commercialize the product portfolio of Advancell’s alternative testing unit
  • Initiate new research projects to develop new kits and services

Since 2014, ReadyCell is fully part of Leitat’s structure and the company completely integrated its R&D and commercial activities. This enabled ReadyCell to develop more complex projects, to concentrate commercial and communication efforts and thus to be more effective. ReadyCell can in turn offer the highest quality service to its customers in the field of in vitro ADME assays.