A flexible and dynamic structure to answer the clients' needs


A group of experienced professionals form the executive management team of the company. They follow the daily operations of ReadyCell in terms business development and research and development activities.

Executive Management

Gerard Palau, Phd

Business Development & Operations Director

Dr. Palau joined ReadyCell in 2016, and he’s become the responsible of Business Development and manager of the daily operations of the company. He holds a PhD in Chemical Sciences from Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, obtaining a +6 years of technical and project management experience in R&D departments, with main investigation projects focused on chemical transformations for the biomedical/biological sectors, working in Spain, UK and Germany. Along these years, he has also developed commercial and management expertise in the pharmaceutical and research industry, and experience in active project presentations in international environments.


María Ángeles Vázquez-Sánchez, Phd

Head of R&D

Dr. Vázquez joined ReadyCell in 2017 and she is focusing on developing in vitro tools for ADME-tox research, by generating and validating ready-to-use cell-based models to test xenobiotics transport across physiological barriers. She is also responsible of the technical support by handling customer inquiries. She holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from University of Barcelona and a B.Sc. in Biology from University of Málaga. During her Ph.D. at Vall d’Hebron Hospital (Barcelona, Spain), she was studying new biomarkers associated to cancer. After finish her Ph.D., she spent 6 years in Leitat as a Senior Scientist and Project Leader. As part of the R&D team, she performed services for third parties, addressed to study drug metabolism and toxicity. She was focused as well in developing in vitro models for ADME-tox research.