R&D Projects: developing different products based on the same cellular origin

The main objective for this project involves the completion of the set of HepatoReady products, iniciated in 2014 (Project financed by ACCIÓ, numer RD14 1-0087) and includes the following technical objectives:

1. Develop a method that allows isolated hepatocyte cryopreservation from human tissue, that constitutes a better option for their long term storage, and it offers a permanent supply of product.

2. Develop a method that ensures obtaining of cellular pools from different donors, which will allow to perform metabolic activity studies of representative samples of population, and thus, results obtained will not be subjected to the metabolic idiosyncrasy subjected to each individual.

3. Offer cellular kits from cryopreserved hepatocytes, using our patented Shipping Medium technology, which will allow to perform shipments at room temperature.

4. Develop a hepatocyte isolation protocol from different rodent species that allows the comparative study of metabolism and xenobiotics.

a. Optimize cellular density to obtain cellular cultures that present a cellular monolayer in different formats.
b. Adapt the shipping medium in order to preserve the morphologic and functional characteristics of the cells during the shipment.

5. Establish a production system under demand with an adequate supply frequency.

Under a technical perspective, the final objective of the HEPNOU project consists on developing two different products based on the same cellular origin: Cryopreserved hepatocytes (Using vials or ready-to-use kits) and rodent hepatocytes in ready-to-use format.

The project is cofounded by the “Agencia Catalana de la Competitivitat Empresarial” (ACCIO) and the European Union, under the framework of the Operative Program FEDER (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional) of Catalonia (2014-2020).


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