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The leading manufacturer of ready-to-use cell culture plates

ReadyCell facilitates and streamlines drug discovery and development study assays with readily available kits that are stored and transported at room temperature.

Pre-Plated Products

Our cell-based ready-to-use kits maximize efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing for drug discovery.


Worldwide Shipping

Thanks to our innovative and patented Shipping Medium, a gel-like preservation matrix, we send cells at room temperature around the globe.

Cost-Saving Assays

Allow your business to respond better to market needs, have a reliable provider of high-quality cell kits, and reduce your capital expenditure.


Externalizing your Cell Culture

New hyperoxia drug study references CacoReady Kits

New hyperoxia drug study references CacoReady Kits

The publication, entitled Daily Intraperitoneal Administration of Rosiglitazone Does Not Improve Lung Function or Alveolarization in Preterm Rabbits Exposed to Hyperoxia, was aimed at testing the efficacy of three types of Thiazolidenoides (TZN) in preterm rabbits with bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

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