Permeability Assays

Ready-to-use drug permeability kits will help you to ascertain your compound suitability for oral dosing.

 Your one-stop Caco-2 solution

24 or 96 transwell insert plates seeded with 21 days differentiated and polarized Caco-2 cells. The reference in vitro technique to evaluate intestinal permeability in novel orally administered compounds, according to leading regulatory agencies.

  An alternative cellular model based on MDCKII cells

24 and 96 transwell insert plates cultured with 12 days differentiated MDCKII parental line cells. A reference in vitro model to evaluate passive permeation and specific receptor mediated transport of new compounds.

ReadyCell ready-to-use cell monolayer kits benefits


  • No in-house cell culture maintenance nor cell licensing costs
  • Shipments worldwide to any location at room temperature thanks to our patented technology
  • High flexibility
  • High reproducibility within and between manufacturing batches
  • Cell-based assays ready-to-use
  • Highly predictive and useful in the in vitro to in vivo progression
  • Technical support during the assay and in bio-analytics

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