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Ready-to-use products on 24- or 96-well cell culture insert plates to facilitate your drug discovery and development studies assays.

All our kits are stored and transported at room temperature, are available on demand and are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.
CacoReady in vitro

Caco-2 based ready-to-use permeability models

The kit consists of 24- and 96-insert integrated permeable support seeded with differentiated and polarized Caco-2 barriers on polycarbonate microporous filters.

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Logo CacoGoblet

A mucus secreting concept for intestinal absorption evaluation

The kit contains differentiated polarized Caco-2 and human goblet cells in a barrier physiologically closer to the intestinal epithelium.

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Logo PreadyPort BCRP

Study the interaction of drugs with the BCRP transporter

PreadyPort BCRP is used to model the net transport events of important fluid compartment barriers in the organism that express BCRP at high level.

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Logo PreadyPort MDR1

A ready-to-use tool for MDCKII-MDR1 monolayer assays

The kit contains 24-insert or 96-insert integrated plates with differentiated MDCKII cells expressing MDR1, as well as the parental cell line.

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A ready-to-use system for in vitro drug transporter evaluation

PreadyTake MATE1 is a ready-to-use kit based on transfected HEK293 that models the net active transport event of barriers such as liver and kidney.

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And much more…

ReadyCell aligns with the major Medicine Agencies in order to provide the most innovative, reliable, high quality and practical tools to the scientific community.

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  • Time and cost saving (Reduction of in-house cell culture maintenance plus no cell licensing cost)
  • Shipments worldwide to any location at room temperature thanks to our patented technology (No need for dry ice or liquid nitrogen)
  • High flexibility (Stable up to 5 days after cell barrier differentiation)
  • High reproducibility within and between manufacturing batches (Avoid variability due to cell culture)
  • Cell-based assays ready-to-use
  • Full cell functionality after transportation
  • Highly predictive and useful in the in vitro to in vivo progression
  • Validation data available and high quality-control standards
  • Technical support during the assay and in bio-analytics

Shipping Medium

A revolutionary approach to cope with traditional cryopreserved cell transportation!

  • An innovative gel-like cell preservation matrix
  • Allows preservation of cells in a non-frozen state with minimal loss of viability and functional integrity
  • No dry ice or liquid nitrogen needed
  • Preserves integrity and cell junctions for up to 5 days during storage and transportation
  • Remains in optimal conditions at room temperature (15-25⁰C) and starts to liquefy at 37⁰C
  • All components of the system are non-toxic









Ready-to-use Cell Barrier

Liquefying of solid Shipping Medium

Incubation with Test Compound

Assessment of Permeability/Transport End Point

Shipments to Europe in 24h, Canada and US in 48h, and 48-72h to the rest of the world