R&D Pipeline

Developing innovative in vitro tools for ADME-monolayer assays, as well as major efflux and uptake transporters and toxicity-metabolism.

ReadyCell is fully committed to innovation. We are continuously expanding our product portfolio, based on the latest results in drug transporter science, the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and suggestions of the various regulatory agencies. Our mission is to continue to develop reliable, high quality and practical tools that optimize the whole drug discovery process.

Strategy 2025

Proof of Concept

PreadyTake MATE2-K
PreadyTake OAT1
PreadyTake OAT3
Ready-to-use BSEP
Scaffold liver and renal models
Organ-on-a-chip liver and renal models

Late Development

PreadyTake OATP1B1
PreadyTake OATP1B3
Ready-to-use Hepatocytes
Ready-to-use Cardiomiocytes


PreadyTake OCT2
PreadyPort OAT1/BCRP

Market Access

PreadyPort OATP2B1/BCRP
Preadyctive MRP2


ReadyCell is involved in several research projects with public and private organisations and is always keen to examine new scientific collaborations. Reach out to us to connect or to hear more about our latest developments!