R&D Pipeline

Our R&D activities are focused on developing innovative in vitro tools for ADME-monolayer assays, as well as major efflux and uptake transporters and toxicity-metabolism.

ReadyCell R&D Department is working in the development and launch of the following products:

Strategy 2025

  • All FDA and EMA recommended and mandatory cellular models in ready-to-use formats.

  • iPS derived cellular lines (cardiomyocytes, neurons, hepatocytes) in ready-to-use format.

  • 3D models in ready-to-use format

Pipeline Highlights

ReadyCell is fully committed to innovation. We understand the great importance and advancement of medicine during the last century, and more recently how over the last 20 years, new and innovative tools kept been developed in order to optimize the whole drug discovery process.

ReadyCell aligns with the major Medicine Agencies such as the FDA and the EMA, in order to provide the most innovative, reliable, high quality and practical tools to the scientific community, thus impacting on society in a positive manner.