R&D Pipeline

ReadyCell supports the pharmacological evaluation of drug candidates to minimize costs, facilitates lead optimization, and speeds up new drug development.

Developing innovative in vitro tools for preclinical stages, main efflux and uptake transporters, and toxicity-metabolism.

ReadyCell is fully committed to innovation. We are continuously expanding our product portfolio based on the latest drug transporter science results, the pharmaceutical industry’s needs, and suggestions of the various regulatory agencies. Our mission is to continue to develop reliable, high quality and practical tools that optimize the whole drug discovery process.

Projects Graph

Proof of Concept

  • Ready-to-use Hepatocytes
  • Ready-to-use Cardiomyocytes

Late Development

  • PreadyTake MATE2-K
  • PreadyTake OAT1
  • PreadyTake OAT3


  • PreadyPort OAT1/BCRP
  • PreadyTake OATP1B1
  • PreadyTake OATP1B3

Market Access

  • Preadyctive MRP2


Are you interested in developing innovative in vitro systems?

ReadyCell Scientists are available to discuss tailored projects indicated for drug discovery and biomedical research.




ReadyCell is involved in several research projects with public and private organizations and is always keen to examine new scientific collaborations.


  • SEGURAM is a consortium of seven companies whose main objective is to research and develop new sustainable strategies along the meat industry’s entire value chain to increase productivity and food security while reducing the use of antibiotics.
  • ReadyCell is developing new in vitro gut-on-a-chip models to evaluate the efficacy of active ingredients and bioavailability of nutrients.



  • BioPrintIA is developing innovative biotechnology of tailor-designed bioimplants based on artificial intelligence and 3D bio-printing. The medical device will be indicated for osteoarticular tissue transplants, significantly reducing degenerative knee symptomatology and considerably improving the patient’s quality of life.

  • ReadyCell’s expertise will help to develop a cell-based in vitro system, which artificially reproduces physiological osteoarticular conditions.


  • StretchBio aims to boost and transform biomedical research and clinical diagnosis through the development of a novel compact device for in vitro continuous two-dimensional mechanical stress monitoring of living tissues for drug screening purposes in personalized cancer medicine.
  • ReadyCell will command the commercialization possibilities of the StretchBio project thanks to its leading position and experience in the biomedical field and its network of distribution partners worldwide.

Externalizing your Cell Culture

Happy Holiday Season from ReadyCell!

Happy Holiday Season from ReadyCell!

We want to send you our greetings and best wishes for the holiday season! This year, artists from the art studio of the AMPANS Foundation created a special Christmas card.