About ReadyCell

Developing innovative in-vitro kits for the ADME-Tox segment

We develop, implement and commercialize cell-based ready-to-use kits that provide reliable results reducing time and costs. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies can use human and material resources more efficiently, while optimizing the development cycle for new drugs.

Our R&D department works on the expansion of our product portfolio, with the aim of developing new tools that fulfill the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. By offering a diversity of R&D service, we offer our expertise, know-how, technical & human resources to develop ad-hoc solutions.

Our Team

A flexible and dynamic structure to answer the clients’ needs

A group of experienced professionals form the executive management team of the company. They follow the daily operations of ReadyCell in terms of business development as well as research and development activities.

Àlex Estivill, MBus (Sc&T)

Business Development Manager

Àlex Estivill joined ReadyCell in 2019, and he has become the responsible of Business Development of the company. He holds a Master in Business for Science and Technology from Monash University in Melbourne, and over four years of technical and project management experience in Spain and Australia. Along these years, he has also developed commercial and management expertise in the pharmaceutical and research industry, and experience in active project presentations in international environments.


Cristina Soto, MSc


Cristina Soto joined ReadyCell in 2018. She’s currently working in the development and validation of cell-based models for ADME-tox research. She holds a M.Sc. in Drug Research, Control and Development from the University of Barcelona, a postdegree in Pharmaceutical Science Research from University of Barcelona, and a B.Sc. in Biotechnology from University of Girona. During her Bachelor’s thesis at Laboratory DruQuaR (Ghent, Belgium), she worked on the development of antibody-based biosensors for drug qualification.


Sheila Guisado


Opeartions Manager



ReadyCell is backed by an advisory committee composed of professionals from the pharma sector with various years of experience in product and business development. They act at strategic level and advise the company in its long term activities.

Lluís Gómez, PhD

Scientific Director, Draconis Pharma

Dr. Gómez is currently Scientific Director at Draconis Pharma. He previously trained his expertise in drug development as project leader in J. Uriach & Cia. since year 1983 to 2000. During these years, he developed several preclinical projects related with different circulatory system responses. Later on, he was appointed as Head of Screening for the same company, being focused on the level of in vitro, in vivo and ADME/PK studies. In his current position in Draconis, he is still a scientific model in the field of in vitro, in vivo and ADMET screening.


Muddasar Farooq, PhD

CEO, Kirklees Biosciences

Dr. Farooq is already starting his own biotecnology commercial endeavour with Kirklees Biosciences. He has a long track recording of ADME and Cancer research experience. His expertise in drug discovery is a major asset for Kirklees, and was trained first in GlaxoSmithKline, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and finally in Cancer Research Technology for almost ten years. He exhibits a deep knowledge in the DMPK area, as well as in bioanalysis and method development.


Francesc Mitjans, PhD

CSO, Lykera Biomed

Dr. Mitjans is currently director of the Biomed Division of Leitat Technological Center (2008), where he steers the activities of the division. He is also Chief Scientific Officer at Lykera Biomed (2011), a biotech company dealing with innovative therapeutic and diagnostic oncology projects. He has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as Department Head at Merck-Serono, leading projects for preclinical and clinical development of new drugs and specially monoclonal antibodies in the area of tumor angiogenesis, tumor progression and metastasis.


Sandy Koshkin

President, ADMECell

Sandy is one of the co-founders of ADMEcell, a San Francisco based biotechnology company developing and marketing innovating Ready-to-Use Kits to assist and stream line drug development especially in the DMPK area. ADMEcell is Readycell’s exclusive partner in the United States. Sandy has over 25 years business and marketing experience in the in vitro assay field between the diagnostic and drug development industries. Previously, Sandy was the founder of BiosPacific, an antibody manufacturer and supplier to the diagnostic industry. Biospacific pioneered antibodies to Troponin I for early detection of heart attacks. R&D Systems, a USA based company, acquired BiosPacific in 2005.


Josep Oriol Nicolas, PhD

CEO, Nostrum Biodiscovery

Dr. Nicolas is currently CEO of Nostrum Biodiscovery, a leading bioinformatic company focused in drug discovery. Oriol was previously involved as a Manager and CEO of ReadyCell several years. He started his career in Almirall, holds a PhD and MBA of Pharmaceutical industry. Also dedicated several years to international technology transfer management and technology brokerage in a strategic consultancy firm.