ReadyCell first shipment to New Zealand

ReadyCell first shipment to New Zealand

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Looking for an innovative and sophisticated cell-based ready-to-use kit for your permeability and active transport studies?

ReadyCell S.L. team is pleased to announce that just today we have completed a successful large distance shipment from our production facilities in Spain to New Zealand. Whatever you are based is not inconvenient for getting our kits in your facilities. Thanks to our Shipping Medium, a novel patented system for in vitro cell preservation, ReadyCell team is capable to ship at room temperature ready-to-use kits to any location worldwide. We are really proud to validate once more that our systems can be delivered in satisfactory conditions to any territory worldwide (Europe in 24h, USA and Canada in 48h and Asia and Antipodes in 72h).

Take the advantage of our validated transportation system and order your plates contacting ReadyCell team or sending an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you.