Our secret? The Shipping Medium

With our innovative patented gel-like medium, we deliver the cells to you at room temperature worldwide in less than 96 hours.

Ready-to-use technology

Unique Shipping

ReadyCell’s Shipping Medium consists of a specially formulated semi-solid culture system designed to effectively preserve cells at room temperature (15-25ºC) for extended periods. This medium creates an ideal physicochemical environment, ensuring the maintenance of suitable moisture conditions for cellular homeostasis. It acts as a protective cushion, protecting the integrity and functionality of cells during long-distance shipments.

  • Unique gel-like cell preservation matrix
  • Fresh cells, no need for frozen cells
  • No dry ice or liquid nitrogen needed
  • Preserves integrity and cell junctions for up to 7 days
  • Easy liquefaction at 37⁰C
  • All components of the system are non-toxic compounds

Best practices

Watch the technology in action

#1 Receive

Ready-to-use Cell Barrier

#2 Liquefy

Liquefy Solid Shipping Medium

#3 Apply

Incubation with Test Compound

#4 Assay

Assessment End Point

Ready-to-use shipping medium technology

Protocol and applications

Our medium formulation is compatible with a wide range of cell lines:

Designed for 24- and 96-well formats, our innovative solution revolutionizes cell culture transport and assays. Also, our R&D team continuously develops new plates with different cell lines and improves the formulation to extend shipping time while preserving cell viability and functionality.

Once the kits arrive at their destination, simply liquefy the shipping medium at 37ºC. Then, eliminate the gelatine and replace it with a culture medium. The cells’ physiological properties are preserved, while essential mechanical properties are protected. Finally, incubate the plate with your desired compounds for testing.

Our protocol ensures reliable results, maintaining cell integrity from transportation to experimentation.


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