in vitro tools and R&D services for the ADME-Tox segment

Easing Your Screening

ReadyCell is a biotechnology company providing sophisticated in vitro tools and R&D services for the ADME-Tox segment. Thanks to a patented agent, ReadyCell can send living cells around the world at room temperature​.

Get to know our products

CacoReady in vitro

A cell-based and ready-to-use concept for in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation

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Logo PreadyPort BCRP

Study the interaction of drugs with the BCRP transporter

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Logo PreadyPort MDR1

Model the net transport events of fluid compartment barriers

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Logo CacoGoblet

A mucus secreting ready-to-use concept for intestinal absorption evaluation

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A ready-to-use system for in vitro drug transporter evaluation

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Innovative Kits

Our tools are innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kits for efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing for drug discovery.

Unique Shipping

Thanks to our Shipping Medium, a gel-like preservation matrix, we send cells at room temperature around the globe.

Research & Development

We combine excellent science and personalized service to develop major transporters, toxicity-metabolism and 3D human cell-based models.

We are hiring a Senior Researcher

Para empresa química que desarrolla, implementa y comercializa kits de base cel·lular y que se encuentra actualmente en una fase de expansión y consolidación con más de 200 clientes en más de 20 países de todo el mundo seccionamos...

Readycell’s gratitude message

Due to the current situation and special circumstances, ReadyCell’s team would like to thank all healthcare professionals for the huge effort to contain the pandemic, which allows to carry on...