Jun 27
ReadyCell is committed to keep track of new developments and tendencies within the early drug discovery process, thus we were really glad and excited to participate in to this year’s DDI 2018 conference held in Seattle, between the 14th and 16th of June 2018. Our colleague Dr. Maria Vázquez attended the conference, and met with relevant scientists from many Pharma, Biotech and Academia and discussed the new scenarios within the segment. Alternatively, we were happy

Participating in BIOUSA 2018 in Boston, USA

Jun 14
June of 2018 has been an important month for ReadyCell, due to our participation in this year’s BIO International Convention held in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, during the 4th – 7th of June. Our colleague Gerard Palau has had the chance to meet with Spanish representatives in the Spanish Pavilion, and also, he has met with a remarkable number of scientists, Business Developers, and CEO’s of different Pharma, Biotech and CRO companies. We are

ReadyCell first shipment to New Zealand

Apr 23
Looking for an innovative and sophisticated cell-based ready-to-use kit for your permeability and active transport studies? ReadyCell S.L. team is pleased to announce that just today we have completed a successful large distance shipment from our production facilities in Spain to New Zealand. Whatever you are based is not inconvenient for getting our kits in your facilities. Thanks to our Shipping Medium, a novel patented system for in vitro cell preservation, ReadyCell team is capable


Mar 21
The main objective for this Project involves the completion of the set of HepatoReady products, iniciated in 2014 (Project financed by ACCIÓ, numer RD14 1-0087) and includes the following technical objectives: 1. Develop a method that allows isolated hepatocyte cryopreservation from human tissue, that constitutes a better option for their long term storage, and it offers a permanent supply of product. 2. Develop a method that ensures obtaining of cellular pools from different donors, which

Incorporation of new Business Development Manager

Jan 09
And yet more news for ReadyCell. We are also really proud to announce another new incorporation, Naiara Valtierra, as a Business Development Manager at ReadyCell. Naiara is a young but yet experienced biotechnologist with an outstanding background in clinical research and in Business Development. You too, Naiara, welcome on board!

Incorporation of new R&D Manager

Dec 05
ReadyCell is pleased to announce its newest member Dr. María Vázquez-Sánchez, who joins ReadyCell team as a Head of R&D. Within her role, María will support the development of new in-vitro, ready-to-use tools, for ADME/DMPK studies. Welcome on board, María!

Participating in BioJapan 2017 in Yokohama

Oct 08
ReadyCell’s representatives participated in the BioJapan 2017 held in Yokohama (11-13 October) in order to meet local and international companies to penetrate the Japanese market with our unique shipping technologies and ready-to-use kits for ADME studies. We would like to thank ACCIÓ and ASEBIO for supporting ReadyCell during this journey and for helping us meet interesting companies during our stay, and also to the organizers to allow us to explain our technologies to the attendees.

Business Trip to the United Kingdom

May 18
ReadyCell commited to visit key customers and potential new clients in the British territory, in order to raise awareness of our existing products as well as to receive feedback from Key Opinion Leaders from the Bioscience sectors. ReadyCell’s representatives will travel to important UK cities such as Nottingham, Cambridge and London, and visit companies such as Sygnature Discovery, Pharmaron UK, and Astex Therapeutics as key companies in the sector. We would like to thank all


May 09
After different contacts along 2013, last month ReadyCell visited several companies during a Chinese tour. With the aim to promote its implantation in the Asian market, and being a hub for R&D and CRO services, Shanghai and Beijing were the cities chosen for this partnering trip. ReadyCell representatives met CEOs, CSOs and ADME Directors from key Chinese companies as Wuxi App Tec, Joinn Laboratories, Shanghai Medicilon and PharmaLegacy. Thanks to ReadyCell strategic partner Link China


Feb 20
Select Biosciences organized the 7th Annual ADME & Predictive Toxicology meeting in Barcelona, and ReadyCell participated with a poster presentation in the event. During the meeting (18-19th Feb, Barcelona) ReadyCell presented some preliminary results regarding Solid Shipping Medium new applications. Francisco Torres, Sales Manager and Scientific advisor attended to the meeting with a poster showing how Ready-to-Use technology could be eventually applied to fresh hepatocytes delivery. SELECT BIO MEETING PROGRAM


Dec 20
Josep Oriol Nicolás, CEO at ReadyCell, participated as speaker in the PCB meeting “The In Vitro Choice” with the talk “Trends and Challenges in the Drug Discovery sector”. The speakers list included basic researchers and companies responsibles in the field of safety and toxicity assays. Dr. Nicolas joined David Ramos (Ceretox), Mª Pilar Vinardell (Univ. Barcelona), Judit Sendra (Endor Nanotechnologies), Maria Dusinska (NILU), Ellen Fritsche (IUF), Marta Barenys (IUF & Ceretox), Domingo Gargallo (Ferrer) in


Dec 09
ReadyCell joined two weeks ago a catalan commercial mission organized by ACCIÓ. During this business trip, ReadyCell representant Francisco Miguel Torres (Sales Manager and Scientific Advisor) visited many Indian top pharmaceutical companies, discussing their potential needs in the ADME-Tox segment and different partering oportunities. ReadyCell joined two weeks ago a catalan commercial mission organized by ACCIÓ. During this business trip, ReadyCell representant Francisco Miguel Torres (Sales Manager and Scientific Advisor) visited many Indian top pharmaceutical


Dec 08
ReadyCell has recently joined Catalonia Bio (Catalan Association of Biotechnologic Companies). Catalonia Bio offers to its members many partnering opportunities, and a cooperative and integrative platform to achieve different government business stimulating initiatives. As a trade association, catalonia Bio is also a global representative of the Biotechnologic company field. In addition to this announcement, an interview to ReadyCell’s CEO (Dr. Josep Oriol Nicolás) was published in the website of Catalonia Bio. READYCELL’S CEO INTERVIEW (Catalan)


Oct 20
ReadyCell will attend to the CHpI Worldwide convention in Frankfurt (22-24 October 2013). This is the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event, and is co-located with many other interesting events such ICSE, P-MEC and InnoPack. CHpI will host over 30,000 attendees from 140 countries and 2,200 exhibitors, and is a key meeting point for pharmaceutical companies. Find out more information in the official website: CHpI Worldwide  


Oct 01
Congratulations to ReadyCell’s Production Team for achieving the release of the batch number 500 of CacoReady kits. Last week orders will receive the batch 500, an astonishing achievement accomplished thanks to years of high quality manufacturing and service, result of our Production mates efforts. Marta, Anna, Alberto and Sheila (from left to right) compose the Production department and are the responsibles for the top quality ready-to-use kits commercialized from ReadyCell. This very experienced team is


Jun 20
For protein-based drugs such as insulin to be taken orally rather than injected, bioengineers need to find a way to shuttle them safely through the stomach to the small intestine where they can be absorbed and distributed by the bloodstream. Progress has been slow, but in a new study, researchers report an important technological advance: They show that a “bioadhesive” coating significantly increased the intestinal uptake of polymer nanoparticles in rats and that the nanoparticles