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Ensure the safety of your new molecule!

Our new application notes on CacoReady plates will show you how to accurately predict and stratify intestinal toxicity using cutting-edge methods like TEER and LY paracellular flux.





PreadyPort WT 24w

PreadyPort WT 96w

PreadyPort MDR1 24w

PreadyPort MDR1 96w

PreadyPort BCRP 24w

PreadyPort BCRP 96w

PreadyTake MATE1

PreadyTake OCT2

PreadyTake OATP1B3

Our latest news

Cytotoxicity Assay Protocol

Cytotoxicity Assay Protocol

Through this protocol we offer our CacoReady plates for assessing drug-associated gastrointestinal side effects.

StretchBio holds its 18-month meeting

StretchBio holds its 18-month meeting

Our representatives participated in the 18-month meeting of the StretchBio project, held in Freiburg. The meeting was focused on the design and operation of the functional prototype of the sensor.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

With this infographic, we proudly show the key facts we have achieved in recent times in promoting gender equality and women’s rights in the company.

Caco-2 based in vitro models for the screening of anti-inflammatory drugs

Caco-2 based in vitro models for the screening of anti-inflammatory drugs

Inflammatory reactions of the intestinal tract are the result of a combination of hereditary, genetic and/or environmental factors that have been clustered in the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). ReadyCell has available CacoReady and CacoGoblet to assay compounds inflammatory properties.