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International day of women and girls in science ReadyCell
ReadyCell Communications Department
9 February 2024

In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we present a series of videos featuring insights from our team members that explore the diverse experiences and perspectives of the talented women at ReadyCell.

Daily Routines

Discover the day-to-day routines of Marta Ollé and Lourdes Gombau from our R&D department. Gain insights into how their daily lives contribute to the fascinating work happening at ReadyCell.

Science anecdotes from childhood:

Take a trip down memory lane with Maria Riba, Carla Sapienza, and Gemma Montoya from the BD and Marketing department. Hear their childhood stories that sparked their passion for science and shaped their career paths.

Recognition of Women in Science

Join Marta Ollé and Lourdes Gombau from our R&D department as they discuss the recognition of women in the scientific field, shedding light on the ongoing journey towards equality.

Advice to young women: Empowering insights from the ReadyCell team

In our final installment, all the remarkable women at ReadyCell come together to offer valuable advice to young women aspiring to pursue careers in science.

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

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