3DLiver ReadyCell
ReadyCell Communications Department
21 February 2024
ProgrammeProyectos de Colaboración Público-Privada 2022 (MICIN)
Budget431.523 Euros
Duration2022-2025 (36 months)
ConsortiumReadyCell (project coordinator), Leitat (technical coordinator), Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca

The 3DLIVER Innovative Human-Derived 3D Liver Models for Drug Toxicity Testing and Discovery, involving leading research institutions and industry partners, aims to advance regenerative medicine treatments for liver diseases through the development of new in vitro 3D human liver-derived models.

Readycell is leading the coordination of the 3DLIVER project, which is dedicated to creating innovative in vitro models from human liver tissue. These models are designed to be crucial assets for drug development and testing within the pharmaceutical sector. The company aims to refine these liver models into user-friendly, ready-to-use in vitro tools.

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