MPS-LOC ReadyCell
ReadyCell Communications Department
21 February 2024
ProgrammeProyectos de I+D+i en Líneas Estratégicas 2022 (MICIN)
Budget79.541 Euros
Duration2022-2025 (36 months)
ConsortiumLeitat (project coordinator), Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca, ReadyCell

The primary goal of this project, MPS-LOC “Microphysiological systems based on liver-on-chip for drug discovery and testing”, is to develop liver-on-chip systems that integrate microfluidics, 3D printing, human-derived liver cells, and liver-derived bioinks. These systems aim to replace animal models in drug discovery, offering higher predictive value in preclinical drug development.

These liver-on-chip devices are expected to represent human liver physiology and function more accurately for drug discovery, and their adaptability to include multi-donor pooling could provide data that better reflects the diverse metabolisms found in the population.

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