ReadyCell Communications Department
21 February 2024
ProgrammeMISIONES 2020 (CDTI)
Budget417.125 Euros
Duration2020-2023 (36 months)
ConsortiumIzertis (project leader), Juncà, Dan*na, Grupo Carinsa, Solutex, Tecbiocel, ReadyCell

BioprintIA: “Investigación industrial de nuevas tecnologías para el tratamiento personalizado de patologías osteoarticulares de rodilla a través de Inteligencia Artificial e implantes celularizados generados mediante bioimpresión 3D” engages in pioneering industrial research focused on innovative treatments based on generating cellularized, functionalized, and personalized bioimplants. Employing cutting-edge 3D bioprinting techniques and artificial intelligence (IA), our collaborative efforts with various Spanish companies and technological centers are dedicated to addressing osteoarticular injuries on a global scale.

In alignment with this, Readycell aims to develop advanced in vitro cell-based assays, including 2D models and organ-on-a-chip devices, to emulate cartilage and tendon. Serving as preclinical in vitro systems, these models play a pivotal role in the testing of bio-inks and their components (ink-base, bioactive components, and adipose-derived stem cells) as a prior step to in vivo tests. This strategic approach positions ReadyCell as a key player in advancing the field, providing invaluable tools for assessing repair mechanisms’ efficacy and safety in both healthy and pathological human models for regenerative medicine.

In the framework of this project, Readycell has developed healthy and pathological human 2D and organ-on-a-chip models of cartilage and tendons for testing bio-inks and their components as a prior step to in vivo animal testing.


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