Stretchbio ReadyCell
ReadyCell Communications Department
21 February 2024
ProgrammeH2020 FETOPEN 2018-2020
Budget3.822.695 Euros
Duration2021-2025 (48 months)
ConsortiumUniversitat de Barcelona (UB) (project leader), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg (ALU-FR), Leitat, ReadyCell
ResourcesStretchBio official website
Cordis website

StretchBio’s “Continuous two-dimensional Stretch monitoring of fresh tissue biopsies” overarching objective is to design, develop, fabricate and validate an advanced two-dimensional force sensor, leveraging an array of nanopillars, with a primary focus on advancing personalized cancer medicine by continuously monitoring mechanical stresses in ex vivo fresh tissue biopsies for optimized drug screening.

In this innovative project, Readycell plays a dual role. On one front, it actively contributes to technical tasks by assessing the biocompatibility and adhesion properties of Caco-2 cells on nanodevices while simultaneously refining the interface that connects these nanodevices with biosamples.

Beyond its technical contributions, ReadyCell’s dominant position and extensive experience in the biomedical sector, coupled with its extensive global network of distribution partners, provides Readycell not only define but also implement highly effective strategies for the exploitation and technology transfer of the StretchBio’s results.

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