Japanese distributor OYC meets with ReadyCell in Barcelona

Jonatan Cucala, of R&D team, showing ready-to-use plates
ReadyCell Communications Department
7 November 2023

Last Friday, Hideo Arai and Ki Kyo, representing the bioindustry division of the Oriental Yeast Company (OYC), visited ReadyCell’s headquarters in Barcelona’s Parc Cientific to consolidate their partnership.

During their visit, the OYC representatives were given a comprehensive tour of ReadyCell’s laboratories and production facilities, gaining insight into the company’s operational processes and quality standards.

About Oriental Yeast Company’s visit

Oriental Yeast Co. manufactures technological innovations originating from baker’s yeast production. It is currently initiating cutting-edge bioscience projects and supporting numerous life science companies and research organizations such as ReadyCell, for which it is a distributor.

The meeting focused on exploring the current market dynamics and emerging trends in the field of cell culture technology and drug discovery. Both companies, ReadyCell and OYC, are committed to providing their customers with top-tier products and services. Discussions also covered the expansion of their distribution network and the exploration of new markets and global strategies where their offerings could have a significant impact.

In light of the above, it is anticipated that the discussions held during OYC’s visit with commercial representatives will lead to broader cooperation and strategic initiatives that will ultimately benefit the researchers and scientists who rely on our products worldwide.

Visit to ReadyCell’s laboratories and logistics facilities

The senior managing director and the assistant general manager of OYC also took the opportunity to visit ReadyCell’s laboratories and cell culture rooms, particularly focusing on the CacoReady, PreadyPort, and PreadyTake plates, accompanied by the commercial and R&D team. There the team explained in detail the manufacturing process and the conditions necessary to carry them out.

ReadyCell's business developer, Maria Riba, demonstrating the shipment of plates to OYC representatives, Hideo Arai and Ki Kio, in the ReadyCell logistics room in Barcelona.

ReadyCell’s business developer, Maria Riba, demonstrating the shipment of plates to OYC representatives, Hideo Arai and Ki Kio, in the ReadyCell logistics room in Barcelona.

Additionally, the OYC delegation had the chance to observe the logistics room and the materials and containers used for long-distance transportation. This aspect holds great significance for extended shipments, as it ensures that temperature variations during transit are managed effectively to guarantee the best possible conditions for the client upon delivery, especially when dealing with international destinations like Japan.

In conclusion, the meeting between Japanese distributor OYC and ReadyCell in Barcelona served to strengthen their partnership and exchange insights on the field of drug development and preclinical assays. This collaborative effort is expected to yield mutual benefits and improve the quality of services and the optimization of handling for researchers and scientists worldwide. The visit also emphasized the importance of effective logistics, especially for international shipments to destinations like Japan, ensuring optimal conditions upon delivery.

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