ReadyCell at the IX BiotechHealth Annual Symposium

Banner IX Biotech Symposium
Communications Department
16 June 2022

ReadyCell endorses academic research through its sponsorship at the IX BiotechHealth Annual Symposium, which will be held on 28 June in Porto.

The event has been organized by the students of the International Doctoral Program in Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences, from the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto.

“Resilient Science in a Changing World”

Under this motto the symposium intends to discuss the latest advances in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, tissue regeneration, cell therapies and nanomedicine. It also aims to promote collaborations between academia, clinics and industry.

The event is open to the entire scientific and academic community and will be attended by national and international renowned lecturers, researchers and students.

At ReadyCell we support ongoing research

ReadyCell funds the event as a silver sponsor, contributing to new scientific bridges and promoting networking between students, professionals and companies involved in Biotechnology.

Click here to download the program.

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