Seminar: What is Innovation?

Alex Estivill from ReadyCell exposing a seminar to the audience about what is innovation
ReadyCell Communications Department
17 October 2023

In a recent session of the ReadyCell presentations cycle, we listened to Àlex Estivill, Head of Business Development, as he shared his insights with the team. His presentation focused on what is innovation, both in the business world and in everyday life. During his talk, he explored the essence of innovation, its various forms, and its crucial role in driving growth and success.

What is Innovation?

Àlex began his talk by posing, “What is innovation?” He delved into the basic concepts of it, helping those less familiar with the topic to understand its importance.

He also emphasized that being innovative creates growth, wealth, and opportunities and that for an idea or invention to be considered innovation, it needs to be developed, implemented, and have commercial value. For this purpose, the team present at the talk did an activity to put theory into practice, where they looked for possible innovations through human needs and the challenges of the future.

How does innovation happen?

As part of the talk, the BD director presented some qualities that have proven valuable for innovation, such as associating, questioning, observing, experimenting, and networking. He also emphasized that innovation does not happen by a single person but needs a network of support and teamwork.

Next, he presented one of the most successful models for this, the Disney innovation process. In it, the team is divided into three groups:

  • The dreamer, in which the only premise is to let creativity fly.
  • The realist, who, assuming that the dreamer’s initiative is feasible, looks for what actions must be developed to complete the objective.
  • The critic, who looks for the weaknesses of the project.
Disney innovation process. Graphic explained during the ReadyCell presentation.
Disney innovation process. Graphic explained during the ReadyCell presentation.

Your turn; let’s practice!

Now, the question is, how can you personally embrace innovation? The answer is simple: it requires action. As a practical conclusion to this seminar, we challenge you to incorporate innovative thinking into your daily routine.

  1. Challenge the Status Quo: Each day, spend 15 minutes documenting questions that challenge the status quo in your industry. Encourage yourself to think outside the box, question existing norms, and imagine new possibilities.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone: Innovation often comes when you step out of your comfort zone. Make an effort to network with new people, whether they are colleagues from different departments, professionals in your industry, or even people from completely unrelated fields. Also, consider visiting new environments or attending events outside your usual routine.

In conclusion, innovation is not a concept reserved for visionaries. It is a tangible tool that anyone can take advantage of. Alex Estivill’s ideas and these practical steps help drive innovation in your own hands.

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